Apollo is a boutique studio specialized in communication hack, strategy and design. It operates at the fringe of web3, helping define the landscape of what's truly relevant in the era of the new internet. Apollo operates in the intersection of the art scene, web3, culture and media production. Bringing culturally relevant projects together.

We help design and launch products and brands, we master growthhacking and web3 tool composibility. We work with web3 enterprises and traditional projects that want to dip their toes in on chain media.

Apollo's founders, Ivano Salonia and Nick Hollins are the team behind UFO, the first web3 internet radio backed up by a curated community of musicians and artists. UFO produced the 1st podcast being minted hosted by Nick Hollins with a community of over 80k followers across web2 and web3 social media.

⛓ network ⛓

We operate in collaboration with protocols, brands, platforms and communities.



Brand development
Product design
Product launch
Brand strategy
Activation campaigns
Content production
Design and copywrite


Sphere Studio
NDSM-plein, n. 97
1033WB Amsterdam


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